Shambhala Farm – it’s about creating community through food

Craig Hubbard, the co-founder and owner of Shambhala Farm, is a first generation farmer with a passion for food resilience. Craig has been farming since 2007. Early in his career, with then co-founder Jemma Edwards, Craig lived in a rammed-earth, solar powered property on the banks of the Mary River, where he made a living by selling wholefoods and freshly milled flour at local markets as Maleny Wholefoods. Craig was later given the honour of earning an apprenticeship with Jim Hunt, a renowned local organic farmer of 40 years, who shared and instilled the principles and practice of organic, sustainable farming that further helped Shambhala Farm become what it is today.

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Saya Skin care makes beauty sustainable, green and local

Saya Skin care is a privately owned and operated luxurious and unique skin care line, built from the ground up by Saya McDermott. Saya Skin care originated in Noosa and has been producing organic products for ten years. Uniquely, Saya has been able to incorporate Australian Native Botanical extracts into their formulations, some of which are appearing for the first time in a skin care line. Because of their ingenuity and efforts, Saya Skincare is Australian certified, Organic Certified, Australian made, and cruelty free accredited.

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Booming Wholefoods Business Overcomes Challenges of Staying Small While Meeting Demand

Nourishing Wholefoods, formerly known as The Happy Sprout, has expanded beyond sprouts to include new product lines as they work on new certifications, and is still just as focused on accessibility, affordability, and sustainability. Lenni Semmelink and Shaw Kamada-Laws share not only the business, but also a three year old son and an 18 month old daughter, so team work is essential every step of the way. In fact, everything sold at the Farmers Market Stalls is directly made by them.

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